A company with 30 years of experience

Our utility

Our company specializes in providing services in the field of ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation protection (design of radiation safety and security measures, dosimetric measurements of ambient radiation dose rate, trade in radioactive material, transport of radioactive material, consulting services and obtaining licenses for work with sources ionizing radiation, service of medical equipment for commissioning linear accelerators.

Device quality control

Servicing equipment in the field of medicine

Dosimetric control-MONITORING

Design of radiation safety and security measures


Commissioning of linear accelerators

Medical products

Our company is the general agent and distributor of world manufacturers of medical equipment. Here you can find equipment for nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiation detectors, radioactive waste management systems, protective equipment and much more.  

Products from the field of industry

Our coThe company is the general agent and distributor of world equipment manufacturers in the field of industry.

We are represented in various industries and cooperate with large industrial systems that use machines with radiation sources, we also offer equipment for NDT testing, various types of sources, thermal imaging cameras, neutron generators and the like. 

In addition to this equipment, we also offer equipment for measuring or controlling radiation - radiation detectors and monitors and protective equipment (lead aprons, goggles, protective screens, etc.)

Software in medicine

In the offer of our company you can find software solutions used in medicine, ie the most modern solutions in radiotherapy and planning. We are constantly working on expanding and developing software solutions.

Who are we?

KVARK DOO is a family company founded in 1992, based in Kragujevac, as one of the three medical-biochemical laboratories in Serbia, after which the company began to develop in the field of medicine in the fields of radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and ionizing radiation protection. From then until now, we strive to meet all customer requirements, our efforts are focused on the development of our company in the future.

Our associates

An important part of KVARK's business life is a constant connection with foreign partners, world leaders in the production of medical, industrial and scientific equipment.