Goggles and visors

According to research, your eyes are four times more sensitive to radiation than other parts of your body. With the increase in visual impairment and the more frequent occurrence of cataracts with much lower radiation doses than allowed, vision protectors have become necessary in most procedures using x-rays. According to research by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the use of goggles can reduce the radiation dose rate for lenses by a factor of 5 to 25.

Kvark can offer you a wide range of safety goggles, including lead lenses, prescription and non-prescription goggles, face shields, as a regional distributor of protective equipment manufacturer BarRay in the United States.

In our offer, there are models with front and side protection, different equivalents of lead protection, and the greatest personal protection is achieved by a professional within daily medical procedures by combining personal protective equipment, aprons, glasses, thyroid protection and the like.