Radiation detection portals

Radiation detection portals are passive devices used to screen individuals, vehicles, cargo and other vectors to detect illegal sources, such as at borders or security facilities. They are considered the right measure to prevent the illegal trade in radioactive and nuclear materials. Portal monitors inform the security services about the presence of radioactive or nuclear material and give an additional alarm effect of relevant data, such as: whether it is gamma, neutron or both, depending on the amplitude of the announced alarm and the like.

Depending on the object being scanned and the place where it is placed, portals can be stationary and mobile.

These systems are upgradeable and can be adapted to the user's needs, by adding a larger number of pillars, ie detectors of different types, in order to obtain the desired detection area and / or higher sensitivity. In accordance with the above, it is desirable to send a special request for the needs of this type of goods.