Design of radiation safety and security measures

Design of radiation safety measures and safety

As an authorized company for the design of radiation safety and security measures, Measurements of the strength of the ambient equivalent radiation dose, Transport of radioactive material, KVARK Ltd. provides services for the preparation of documentation necessary for application to the competent institution - Agency for protection against ionizing radiation and nuclear safety of Serbia, to obtain a License to perform radiation activities in various fields (industry, industrial radiography, medicine, radiotherapy, etc.). KVARK provides these services to domestic and foreign legal entities.

Barrier calculation

Based on our extensive experience in radiation protection and medical physics, KVARK doo offers you a radiation barrier budgeting service. This service means determining the nature and thickness of the materials needed to achieve the appropriate equivalent of protection.

Under this service, we offer a complete design of the room where the radiation source, the system, will be located key in hands.

The company Kvark doo offers radiation protection services in the areas of: nuclear medicine, radiology, cardiology, interventional radiology, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, non-destructive testing (NDT) iu The nuclear industry.

We are authorized to prepare documentation:

  • ESafety Report / Preliminary Safety Report
  • EIonizing radiation protection program
  • EPreliminary calculation of room barriers - in order to prepare the space in which the use of ionizing radiation sources is planned.

Lead door and window design 

Design and calculation of the required equivalent of lead protection of doors and windows for different needs depending on the radiation source (bunkers for Linear Accelerators, PET center, SPECT center, Radiochemical laboratories, rooms where CT machines are located, X-rays, etc.). Also in partnership with the company X-RAY DOORS, we offer the manufacture and installation of sliding and swing protective doors and windows from X-ray and neutron radiation.

    • P Project analysis.
    • PCalculations of required lead protection thickness.
    • PIssuing appropriate reports.
    • PProduction and installation of lead doors and windows.
    • PVerification of installed doors and windows - by dosimetric control.

    Our references:

    Our company has been a leader in the field of designing radiation safety and security measures for many years. We have a large number of successfully completed projects and many satisfied clients behind us.

    • NCalculations of protection for all necessary premises on the project of Construction of the new UKCS
    • NDesigning protection against ionizing radiation for Linear Accelerators:
    • EInstitute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia
    • EInstitute of Oncology of Vojvodina
    • EKC Kragujevac
    • EKC Nis
    • EZC Kladovo
    • NIonizing radiation protection design for CT scanners and X-ray machines:
    • EKragujevac Health Center
    • EPalilula Health Center
    • EVranje Hospital
    • EPirot Hospital
    • EMajdanpek General Hospital
    • EAGENS Special Rehabilitation Hospital, Mataruška Banja
    • EA large number of dental and veterinary surgeries