Lead bricks

Lead brick is designed exclusively as protection against high energy x rays and as such is an ideal solution to eliminate the possibility of "leakage" of radiation in the walls of the room. It is easy to assemble and does not require the use of mortar and any other additional materials.

This product finds high application in the field of nuclear therapies and radiation therapy, more specifically as protection in the field of nuclear medicine and X-ray techniques, within PET techniques, Gamma knife, within HDR rooms and rooms for linear accelerators.

The sandwich method of placing lead bricks is most often used, between two rows of holders (with additional support of steel pipes), or between a concrete wall. They can be in the shape of a rectangle or a corner, which enables easier formation of protective housings, ie bunkers.

There is a possibility of ordering in different thicknesses and dimensions, as well as different angles (left, right), depending on the specific need.