About us

How did it all begin?

Kvark Company

KVARK DOO is a company founded in 1992, with headquarters in Kragujevac, as one of three medical-biochemical laboratories in Serbia, since then it has been operating successfully and without interruption. The director and founder of the company is Mr. Radmilo Krstic, graduated physicist by profession.

In the following years, during its development, the company gradually redirects its activities to the activity of trading in specific medical and industrial equipment, at the same time becoming a specialized company for jobs in the field of ionizing radiation protection, while retaining the activities of the medical-biochemical laboratory, within one of its subsystems, called KVARKLab.

We specialize in conducting radiological examinations, using internationally recognized accredited methods according to the Accreditation Certificate 01-391.

From then until today, we have more than 250+ satisfied clients and 200+ successfully implemented projects.

KVARK DOO  implements and constantly improves the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015


Years of experience

Successfully implemented projects

Satisfied clients


Our core business


Our company sells equipment and software in the field of medicine and science.


Our company has a wide range of services provided by some of them are: dosimetric measurements, installation and servicing of equipment in the field of medicine and industry, design of radiation safety measures, transport, transport and disposal of radioactive waste.

Professionalism, Sophistication, Experience


The total number of employees in the framework QUARK system is 30. The largest number of employees are engineers of various profiles, followed by laboratory technicians and biochemists, pharmacists, economists and managers. Employees have different narrowly specific specializations and trainings, in accordance with the business activities they perform. They have experience and professionalism and are qualified to lead professional sophisticated projects in cooperation with foreign partners.

Continuous training of staff is a mandatory form of monitoring trends and professional development and is one of the basic missions of society. Each training is covered by the obligations represented within the quality management system, standards directives, as well as legislation in these specific areas.

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The specific services that KVARK is able to offer to its customers are conditioned not only by the narrowly professional staff but also by the possession of appropriate equipment.

KVARK has highly professional measuring equipment for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation, controlled by the nationally accredited calibration institution; personal protective equipment from world manufacturers; equipment for manipulation and storage of radioactive material: protective transport containers, special vehicle for transport of dangerous goods and others, in accordance with the rules defining the field of ionizing radiation.

In accordance with the rules of ADR, in addition to the above, KVARK has an Advisor for Safety in the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Also, KVARK DOO has a modernly equipped warehouse for storing and shipping medical devices, which covers more than 1000 square meters.