Automation software in cancer treatment

Keeping track of challenging schedules, documentation, and urgent requests can distract from patient care. That is why the founders of the RADFORMATION company, a team of clinical physicists, joined together - to develop a solution that will make the work of medical physicists easier.

Simplify your clinical workflow

From planning and documentation to contouring and beyond, Radformation eases resource strain and increases accuracy at all stages of the treatment planning process. Our auto-check and auto-scheduling tools are easy to use, clinically relevant and integrate seamlessly with Eclipse™ TPS.

What we offer


Automated contouring software

  • Automated OAR contouring in seconds
  • Over 90 different structure models
  • Generate a one-click planning structure

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Automated 3D planning software

  • Automatic FiF / eComp scheduling
  • Breast planning 3 and 4 fields
  • 3D plans to justify the calculation

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One-click plan evaluation software

  • Over 90 plan checks
  • One-click printing and reporting
  • Check dose limits

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Independent calculation software

  • Photons
  • Electrons
  • Brachytherapy

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Automated treatment evaluation

  • Over 35 weekly checks
  • Continuous monitoring of treatment 24/7
  • Current alerts for failed checks

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