PET protective equipment

Positron Emission Tomography is a functional imaging technique of nuclear medicine, which is used to observe metabolic processes in the body. As a biologically active molecule for PET, FDG (fludeoxyglucose) is most commonly used.

Within this technique, various protective equipment is used, such as for the clinician, patient, protective barriers to protect the workplace, protection for the transfer, transport and handling of FDG molecule and other PET radionuclides, or protection for transport of radioactive sources, which are used to calibrate PET systems.

KVARK years ago, as a general distributor of products from leading manufacturers Capinteca Inc. and Nuclear Shields supplies nuclear medicine centers with protective equipment of this type as well as other facilities that need this type of equipment.

We also offer solutions according to your request:

  1. Going out on the field and considering the request.
  2. Providing the necessary lead protection.
  3. Production in different dimensions.

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