Traffic and transport of radioactive material

Provision of permits for work with sources of ionizing radiation

Transport of radioactive materials

Trade in radioactive materials (import, export)

Traffic of radioactive material

Radioactive material includes all types of ionizing radiation sources: open and closed radiation sources, radiation generators - X-ray machines of all types and purposes, or only part of the equipment (X-ray tubes), industrial machines and medical devices that use ionizing sources for their smooth operation. radiation, or are based on x-ray detection system and the like.

KVARK doo, in addition to import, export and transit of radioactive material, also conducts temporary import of ionizing radiation sources, with the obligation to provide temporary storage of sources during a certain period of use in our area, and then conducts return - export of the same ionizing radiation sources back, to the sender.

Transport of radioactive material of class 7

The Law on Transport of Dangerous Goods has created conditions for resolving the issue of transport of dangerous goods that are recognized by internationally approved agreements in their technical regulations: ADR in road, RID in rail, ADN in water and ICAO TI in air transport. The law specifically regulates the obligations of participants in the transport of dangerous goods, and it is therefore of great importance that all economic entities are recognized as participants in the transport of dangerous goods.

The term participant in transport means a legal entity that is: consignor, carrier, consignee, loader, packer, filler, user of containers or portable tanks, transport organizer and transshipment service provider, when changing the type of traffic. The realization of the obligations of the participants in the transport of dangerous goods, technical support for the implementation of the Law, is provided by authorized persons, and KVARK doo is one of them.

    KVARK doo has a specially equipped vehicle that meets all the prescribed conditions for the transport of radioactive material from the aspect of protection against ionizing radiation, both employees and the population, and the environment.

    KVARK doo has a certified person, the driver of a vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods class VII - radioactive material, as well as an advisor for safety in the transport of dangerous goods.

    Licenses to perform radiation activities

    KVARK, in cooperation with world foreign companies, has Licenses for performing radiation activities in industry in the field of: industrial application of closed sources of ionizing radiation, measuring the density of geological formations with measuring and processing equipment (for hydraulic fracturing services, geophysical services - geophysical services). drilling services, well logging, well testing, etc.).

    We also offer complete consulting services for obtaining permits to perform radiation activities on the principle key in hands.

    Logistics and organization

    • PFrom the aspect of protection of professionally exposed persons, population and environment, we organize and implement complete logistics and organization in the field.
    • PConsulting - available 24/7
    • PCollection of the necessary documentation and complete support during the entire process required for obtaining a license to perform radiation activities.
    • PRegular annual dosimetric control prescribed by the law on protection against ionizing radiation
    • POrganization of import, export, transit of machines with radiation source as well as open and closed sources of ionizing radiation.