Radiation monitoring

Instruments used for monitoring dangerous rooms and facilities are most often installed, that is, fixed in positions that are well known as very important in the general assessment of danger in a given area. These radiation monitors measure the ambient dose equivalent, usually for x-x, gamma-γ or neutron-n radiation in a specific area. These are mainly radiations that can have significant radiation levels in the range of over tens of meters from the source, thus covering a wide area. Their main function is actually the display of the dose within a certain area for the purpose of warning local staff in the event of an alarm condition and a possible accident.

Application is possible in all areas that benefit from monitoring and monitoring of radiation, namely nuclear power plants, research reactors, facilities with fuel, therapy rooms within health institutions and others.

Monitoring systems of this type can be adapted to the user's needs, and it is desirable to send a special request for the needs of this type of goods. However, in order to inform you, Kvark doo, as the official distributor and representative of world manufacturers of this type of equipment, from its rich offer, singles out the models that you can see below.