Europrobe systems

Europrobe systems represent different configurations of the surgical probe for detection used by surgeons and nuclear physicists. The system consists of a module, which is equipped with a wide range of detection probes in order to solve various clinical needs. They are used in the clinical fields of dermatology, gynecology, endocrinology, urology and nuclear medicine, for the detection of malignant melanoma cells in the lymph nodes.

The latest Europrobe system probe allows you to have a BT connection, Wireless, without cables, which allows for easier handling and trouble-free operation. So far, only the Institute of Oncology in Sremska Kamenica has the system with the latest probe in Serbia.

There are only a few manufacturers of this type of equipment in the world, of which Europrobe is the most famous. Kvark doo is a regional distributor of Euromedical Instruments, the exclusive distributor of EuroRad equipment manufacturers, France.

EuroMedical instruments