Protective gloves and other accessories

Protective lead gloves have been developed in the desire to offer the professional the best protection while maintaining the greatest possible dexterity, sensitivity and comfort when wearing them. They are used in the field of radiology, orthopedic surgery, endoscopy, urology and all other procedures of exposure to high radiation in daily medical practice, wherever sensitivity and protection are of great importance. Flexibility, flexibility and absolutely homogeneous radiation protection are special quality factors that are guaranteed within the process of production and use of basic quality materials.

The most common equivalent of protection is 0.50 mm, but certainly, gloves with a higher lead equivalent are less elastic, so it is necessary to make a choice when buying depending on the specific task or purpose. In addition to protective gloves, we also offer various accessories in the form of protection for certain parts of the body (arms, legs), protection for pregnant women, protection for the chest and the like.