X-ray film scanners - Digitizers

Digitization can be a display of an object, image, sound, document, or signal (usually analog). The result is called a digital representation, or more precisely a digital image. X-ray scanners, better known as "film digitizers", are used to digitize films.

Digitization is crucial for data processing, storage and transmission, as it enables efficient delivery of information in all types and all formats. Unlike analog data, which usually suffers some loss of quality each time it is duplicated or transmitted, digital data can be propagated indefinitely, without any degradation. That is why this way of storing information is a favorite of many around the world.

In Serbia, film digitizers of the company MICROTEK, whose regional distributor is KVARK doo, are represented.

Data on digitizer models from file scanning series, bio series, object scanning, medical and DICOM series, you can get on request, and here you can see the models for use in industrial radiography.

The scanners come with Microtek MiiNDT image management software, which specializes exclusively in this area of use. In addition to the basic functions within a very simple interface, it supports printing as 100% real size original image, which is very useful for engineers to immediately find the defective part immediately on the spot.

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