Dosimetric control - monitoring

Examination of goods during import/export and transit

The Rulebook on control of radioactivity of goods during import, export and transit (Official Gazette of RS, No. 44/2011), regulates methods and manner of control of radioactivity of goods during import, export and transit: food, drinking water, animal feed, artificial fertilizers, medicines, items of general use, construction materials, ore, metal products of primary form, mineral raw materials, secondary raw materials and other goods.

In accordance with the aforementioned legal regulations, KVARK doo is authorized by the competent institution - the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security of Serbia, to measure the strength of the ambient dose equivalent of ionizing radiation within the framework of monitoring.



For the purposes of these tests, the KVARK Testing Laboratory conducts the measurement procedure according to the internationally recognized accredited method, LUP.12 - Measurements of the strength of the ambient equivalent dose of ionizing radiation. In case of necessity, or user's request, it is possible to carry out identification of radionuclides, ie qualitative and quantitative determination of radionuclide content in the tested sample, internationally recognized accredited method, LUP.09, all in accordance with Accreditation Certificate 01-391.

You can see all the licenses we have to perform these activities HERE

LUP.25 Instructions for receiving, evaluating and making a decision on objections

Testing of ionizing radiation sources in medicine / industry

Accredited method, LUP.12 - Measurements of ambient equivalent dose of ionizing radiation, KVARK Ltd. conducts dosimetric control of ionizing radiation sources in the field of medicine or industry: open and closed radiation sources, radiation generators - X-ray machines of all types and purposes, industrial machines and medical devices that use ionizing radiation sources for their smooth functioning.

KVARK is also authorized to conduct regular annual dosimetric control of ionizing radiation sources and to give opinions and interpretations on the fulfillment of prescribed measures of protection against ionizing radiation, all in accordance with the prescribed legal regulations, ie legal obligation of users of ionizing radiation sources.

Tests to assess radiation risk

Based on the authorization of the competent institution - the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security of Serbia, KVARK Ltd. provides dosimetric measurement services to determine the level of exposure to ionizing radiation of occupational persons, patients and the population.

The staff of the Quark Testing Laboratory consists of professionally trained, experienced and cooperative persons, who are technically equipped with the most modern devices for measuring and detecting ionizing radiation, as well as other necessary protective equipment. 



Why Quark?

  • Trained and professional team of people.
  • Quick response to a request.
  • Over 20,000 issued reports for the control of goods during import, export and transit.
  • We perform tests according to internationally recognized accredited methods (LUP.12, LUP.09)
  • Laboratory equipped with the latest monitoring and testing equipment.
  • Over 2000 issued reports in industry and medicine.
  • Work with large local and foreign companies.
  • Support to clients in the procurement of necessary equipment.
  • Consulting in the field of radiation protection



Consulting, Logistics and Organization

  • From the aspect of protection of professionally exposed persons, population and environment, we organize and implement complete logistics and organization in the field.
  • Consulting - available 24/7
  • Gathering the necessary documentation and complete support during the entire process required to obtain a permit to perform radiation activities.
  • Organization of import, export, transit of machines with radiation source as well as open and closed sources of ionizing radiation. IMPORT EXPORT TRANSPORT