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DSD systems

DSD systems

The simple confocal device that provides outstanding performance of recording is DSD2. Its simplicity is reflected in a compact optical design and operation without the laser, providing ease overhaul the existing fluorescence microscope, or simply adding to a new to most currently available models.

The benefits are accessible devices for the needs of your own laboratories, eliminating the need for using basic objects, or if there is a basic object, you can increase capacity and get lower costs. Simplicity of using this device can be seen in the production of the immediate image, or "in no time", with the minimum necessary training.

ANDOR systems are available through official dealer Kvark and they focus on providing the best-in-class performance within modular architecture. These systems support high-quality products from other manufacturers and integrate prevention with its own software solutions.

More of this manufacturer, you can find at the, or in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS.