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Digitizer – scanner

Digitizer – scanner

Digitalization can be a representation of an object, image, sound, document, or a signal (usually analog). The result is called a digital representation, or rather a digital image. For the purposes of digitization of films it is used X-ray films scanners, more known as "film digitizer".

Digitization is essential for data processing, storage and transmission because it allows efficient delivery of information in all types and all formats. Unlike analog data, which typically suffer some loss of quality each time it is copied or transmitted, digital data may be propagated indefinitely without any degradation. That is why this way of storing the information for many is a favorite around the world.

More than a quarter of the century, with the development of technology and design, a world leader in the production of the scanner created products that are ready to meet everyone's specific use. As an aid to to researchers in various fields, different centers for animals, plants and minerals malls, art, design, advertising companies and the like, Kvark Ltd. can offer scanners shown below.

In Serbia, there are represented the film digitizers of MICROTEK company, whose KVARK Ltd. is a regional distributor. Equipment of this manufacturer MICROTEC, Taiwan, you can find in more detail below, a little more about the manufacturer in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, and on the website