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PET protective equipment

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PET protective equipment

Positron Emission Tomography is a functional imaging technique of nuclear medicine, which is used to observe metabolic processes in the body. As biologically active molecule for PET, are mostly used FDG (Fludeoxyglucose).

Within this technique is used different protective equipment, both for the clinical doctor and patient, and protective workspace barrier, protection for the transfer itself, transport and handling molecule FDG and other PET radionuclides, or the protection of the transport of radioactive sources, which used to calibrate PET systems.

In years, KVARK, as a general distributor of the leading American manufacturer Capintec Inc. supply centers of nuclear medicine with protective equipment and calibration sources Ge-68t. Calibration sources of Germanium, which is used in PET studies, are designed for quality assurance of the systems of different world manufacturers.

The equipment of world famous manufacturer, you can find in more details below, and more about the manufacturer in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, and on the website