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Neutron generator

Neutron generator

Neutron generators are devices with a source of neutrons, which contain linear accelerators and which produces neutrons by connecting the hydrogen isotope.
Fusion reactions take place in the context of these devices by accelerating or deuterium or tritium, or a mixture of these two isotopes in metal hydride targets which also containing deuterium, tritium or a mixture of these two isotopes. The fusion of deuterium atoms (D + D) leads to the formation of He-3 ions and neutrons with a kinetic energy of about 2,5 MeV.
The fusion of deuterium and tritium atoms atoms (D + T) leads to the formation of He-4 ions and neutrons with a kinetic energy of approximately 14,1 MeV.

These systems are made in the past five decades, and as one of the company with 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of neutron technology sets aside Sodern, France, with over 100 neutron tubes produced annually to meet the needs of industrial and scientific research laboratories.

Kvark Ltd. offers solutions shown below, and you can contact us for further information.

With the neutron generator, including the head of the gas, a high voltage power supply and control unit, Kvark delivers custom software for using the desired unit.