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Plasma etching systems

Plasma etching systems

Conventional categories of vacuum deposition processes include chemical vapor deposition (Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD Physical Vapor Deposition), evaporation in a vacuum sublimation, or occasionally, some combination of the aforementioned methods. These are just some modes of development of thin film.

As a representative of the global US company TORR International Inc., a specialist in the field of nanotechnology and thin film technologies, Kvark offers a variety of solutions, which can be seen below.

Plasma etching is a form of processing, which involves rapid current discharge from the respective gas mixture which is released in pulses in the sample. A source of plasma, may be charged ion, or neutral atom or radical. During the process, the plasma will generate volatile products at room temperature from the chemical reactions between the elements of material and reactive species generated by the plasma. In the end, atoms of the released elements install themselves at or below the target surface, thereby modifying its physical properties.

Within Etching System, Kvakr offers a variety of basic and upgradeable systems designed for specific needs of the customers:
• Atomic layer deposition system
• CVD, PECVD, MOCVD systems

More on the manufacturer, you can find in the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, or on the website, and something more about division of the systems and their characteristics in brochure 2016 Torr International Inc-Corporate Brochure. download
Inductively coupled reactive Ion Eaching system