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Physical vapor deposition systems

Physical vapor deposition systems

Conventional categories of vacuum deposition processes include chemical vapor deposition (Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD Physical Vapor Deposition), evaporation in a vacuum sublimation, or occasionally, some combination of the aforementioned methods. These are just some modes of development of thin film.

Physical deposition (Physical Vapor Deposition PVD) describes vacuum deposition of different methods which can be used for the production of thin films. PVD benefits of physical processes (heating or sputtering) to produce a pair of materials, which are then deposited on the object that requires coating. PVD is used in the production of articles that require a thin film for mechanical, optical, chemical or electronic function.

Within PVD system (Physical Vapor Deposition) Kvark Ltd, as a representative of the global US company TORR International Inc., a specialist in the field of nanotechnology and thin film technology, offers a variety of basic and upgradeable systems designed for their specific needs:
• Sputtering system (i Magnetron Ion beam system)
• Evaporation system (Electron beam and resistive thermal evaporation system),
• Combination system (custom systems).

Magnetron sputtering systems are used in a variety of applications for the preparation of samples using a scanning microscope of a power or research and development with a metal, dielectric polymer films. TORR International Inc. produces customized multi target sophisticated systems for special applications.

More on the manufacturer, you can find in the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, or on the , and something more about division of the systems and their characteristics in brochure 2016 Torr International Inc-Corporate Brochure. download
Electron beam evaporation system
Resistive thermal evaporation system
E beam and thermal evaporation system
E beam, thermal and Ion assisted evaporation system
E beam and Ion assisted evaporation system