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Medical-biochemical laboratory services - Kvarklab

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Medical-biochemical laboratory services - Kvarklab

Kvarklab Laboratory was established in 1993 with a program of clinical analyzes that exceeded the framework of clinical chemistry, exactly what a few years later declared as laboratory medicine, when laboratory stepped into the KVARK system. Kvarklab has operated since its establishment in order to provide professional and diverse laboratory diagnostics to all in need.

Program analysis includes about 500 parameters that are used for diagnosis and monitoring of disease and applied therapy. Staff keeps the good laboratory practice, trying to always provide timely and efficient service. To performing analysis there are used the reagents of the world's leading manufacturers.

High standards are maintained in the diagnosis through continuous information and training of employees to monitoring the development of clinical - biochemical diagnosis and introduction of modern methods of testing. Kvarklab Laboratory is equipped with modern technology and professional staff that tries to respond to all the requirements of service users, in terms of obtaining reliable results in the shortest possible time.