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An important part of KVARK’s business life is a permanent relationship with foreign partners, world leaders in the production of medical, industrial and scientific equipment.

The most prominent partners:
SIEMENS, Healthcare


As a global leader in developing technologies in the field of nuclear medicine, Siemens attempts to use its technological innovations and solutions, make human healthcare faster, better and more cost-effective. With it’s products and solutions, sector MedicalHealth covers the entire cycle of patient care - from prevention and early identification of diseases, through diagnosis to therapy and control.
Iba Dosimetry, Radioterapija
Iba Radio Paharma Solutions

Iba Dosimetry, Radiation

IBA was founded back in 1986 in Belgium, as a company that was initially active in the context of medical imaging, so that later turned its attention to radiotherapy and development of the cyclotron and integrated proton therapy centers, which was at that time able to treat many forms of cancer with such a degree of precision never achieved before. This world leader in the production of the monitoring equipment in the field of radiotherapy, offers a complete range of innovative solutions and services that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in radiotherapy, medical imaging, quality assurance and calibration procedures.

ANDOR, Industry, Science and Research

Mission and principled business of Andor company, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, member of Oxford Instruments company, is development and production of digital cameras. Their tendency is reflected in the spread of competence and expertise, to developing the best solutions for problems that can be found by the user, such as measurement of brightness, which is classified both in scientific research and in the development of the industrial community. Andor is a global leader in developing and producing digital science cameras of high performance for academic, industrial and government applications.
Capintec Inc

Capintec Inc., Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology, Radiology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation, Protective Equipment

The American company from New Jersey, Capintec Inc. is a leading world supplier of products for measuring energy. Dedicated to continuous improvement of quality, which leads to uncompromising quality in the development of the most advanced technologies & services in the industry. For more than 50 years of business, this company is recognized as a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of instrumentation for measuring radiation and monitoring. The company is constantly offering new, innovative solutions for applications in the measurement of radiation. Offering products with applications in nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, diagnostic radiology and therapy, the company continues to grow.
Bar Ray, Lična zaštitna oprema

Bar Ray, Personal Protective Equipment

Since the 1930s, the company Bar-ray, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of personal protective aprons and innovative products for personal radiation protection. It offers a comprehensive range of safety products to suit the most diagnostic and imaging applications, from medical control, to security controls at airports. The company aims to medics and patients put at the disposal of the newest, largest and lightest personal radiation protection, comfortable and easy to use, keeping them safe in each radiation environment.
EURORAD / EuroMedical Instruments, Nuklearna medicina, Hirurgija, Ginekologija

EURORAD / EUROMEDICAL Instruments, Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology

EUROMEDICAL Instruments, France, is a global and exclusive distriburer of manufacturer EURORAD, France, which manufactures surgical probes for the detection, better known as EUROPROBE. EUROPROBE systems are used in various fields such as dermatology, gynecology, endocrinology, urology and nuclear medicine.
MICROTEK, Digitalna radiografija, Industrija, nauka i istraživanje

RAEsystems, Personal Protective Equipment

RAE Systems Inc., California, is a leading global provider of intelligent gas systems and systems for radiation detection, which provide safety and security in real-time threat detection. This company, which is a few years from now in hands of widely known Honeywell, offers a complete line of wireless solutions, including personal, hand-held, portable and fixed instruments designed to meet the needs of every form of use.
MICROTEK, Digitalna radiografija, Industrija, nauka i istraživanje

MICROTEK, Digital Radiography, Industry, Science and Research

Founded in 1980, MICROTEK International, based in scientific and industrial park in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has grown from a small startup team for multinational company with well establish global distribution and service network. With producing innovative scanning solutions is dealing with the past three decades, and still continues to make a technological breakthrough in scanning solutions. MICROTEK has its corporate focus is directed to the production scanner for specific needs, which certainly makes it one of the leading companies in this field. Precisely this focus in the past 20 years has enabled creation of a new generation of digital imaging, which dramatically changed the terrain in all areas of medicine, industry, science, biology and many others. MICROTEK proudly announce that is the owner of over 450 patents worldwide, and in addition to further develop a new generation of scanners.
S.E.A, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

SE, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

The German company S.E.A. was founded in 1993, operating in the field of radiation protection and nuclear measurement equipment. With sister company MED Nuklear-Medizintechnik Dresden, makes a part of the NUVIA group. The legacy of the NUVIA dating from the beginning of the nuclear industry in Great Britain, so that now become an international contractor for nuclear engineering and management.
TORR International Inc., Industrija, nauka i istraživanje

TORR International Inc., Industry, Science and Research

TORR International Inc., a company from New York, incorporated in 1989, specializes in the field of thin films and nanotechnology. TORR products include Magnetron burst systems, systems and electron beam thermal vapor systems for different applications. TORR create custom multi target systems for special purposes and produces reactive ion etching systems, plasma processing machines for metals, insulation and polymer. TORR designs combined systems involving two or more sources, providing a cost-effective solution for today's research environment.
Oserix, industrial radiography

Oserix, industrial radiography

The corporate goal of the company Oserix, Belgium, is a manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products related to non-destructive testing (NDT). By focusing its activities in this field, the presence on five continents, Oserix occupies a prominent place in the world and continues to explore new areas. It offers a wide range of gamma camera - projector intended for recording welds.
Baltic Scientific Instruments, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

Baltic Scientific Instruments, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

Within the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the former Soviet Union, in 1994, Riga Institute for Research and Development for radio-isotope appliances, founded the company BS Instruments, Latvia. The Institute was responsible for the development of instruments for radiation detection and measurement of the atomic energy industry, mining, oil and gas industry, military and similar applications. A wide range of products, the highest level of technical knowledge and skills required to meet the latest technological requirements of the Soviet Union, which led the company Bruker to accept them in his famous system. After to obtaining of own shares by the company Bruker AXS, BS Instruments, in 2010 he founded an independent company engaged in the production of instruments for non-destructive analysis of gamma and x rays. Their products find their application in multiple industries: nuclear power, environmental monitoring, geophysics and mining, medicine and health, including research and science about the universe, security systems and customs control and other areas.
Atomtex, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

Atomtex, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

Leading research and manufacturing center of the Republic of Belarus is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear measurements and radiation monitoring. It was founded in 1995, as part of society Minsk Scientific-Research Institute for the production of instruments. The products are very much demand in areas such as nuclear energy, medicine, manufacturing, environmental monitoring, safety control and research activities. Their own high precision and multi-function metrology infrastructure, commitment to innovative ideas and advanced technologies, as well as the orientation towards international standards, helps them to create products of high scientific and technological level.
Polimaster, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

POLIMASTER, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

The world's leading manufacturer of equipment for radiation detection, founded in 1992, in Belarus today has offices in America, Japan and Europe. The main areas of application of these devices include personal radiation control personnel, the fight against illicit trafficking of nuclear materials, liquidation of consequences and accidents from nuclear radiation, radiation monitoring of the environment, control of radiation and private industrial facilities and more.
Tracerco, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

Tracerco, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

Tracerco was created in 1958 as a small research team, under the British chemical company Imperial Chemical Industries, Billingham, Teesside. Today, Tracerco is part of the Process Technology Division, Johnson Matthey is the world leader in its field. The innovative range of products and services are invaluable to ensure full optimization and efficiency of clients' assets in the oil industry, gas and petrochemical industry.
ECOTest, Detekcija i merenje jonizujućih zračenja

Ecotest, Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

Scientific private company for production Sparing-Vist Center is a well-known manufacturer of measuring instruments radiation, known under the brand Ecotest in Ukraine and around the world. The company strives to continually improve its products by improving their functional capacity in accordance with market needs, POMC innovative technology and modern components and materials.


Recently realized projects:

2018. Equipping of 6 linear accelerators with dosimetry equipment, Shielding calculation and Design of Radiation safety and security for 6 radiotherapy rooms;

2016. Equipping of 3 linear accelerators with dosimetry equipment for the project Kamenica 2. The project was successfully implemented.

2016. Successful supply for the Clinical Center of Serbia with EUROPROBE system.

Current projects:

2019 Commissioning, modelling and beam model verification of 10 linear accelerators