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KVARK Ltd is a company founded in 1992 with headquarters in Kragujevac, as one of three medical-biochemical laboratories in Serbia and since when operates successfully and without interruption. Director and founder of the company is Mr. Radmilo Krstic, a physicist by profession..

In the following years, during its development, the company gradually redirected its activities to the activity of trade with specific medical and industrial equipment and in the meantime also becoming a specialized company to work in the field of ionizing radiation and protection, while retaining the activity of medical-biochemical laboratories, under one of its subsystems , called KVARKLab.

In early 2013, KVARK forms another laboratory, the Laboratory for testing, specializing in the implementation of radiological tests, by internationally recognized accredited testing methods, according to the Certificate of accreditation 01-391.

Today, the main activities of the KVARK company are trade and various services in part:

Sales and servicing equipment in the field:
• Medicine
• Industry
• Science
• Research and development .. etc.

Sales and servicing of medical equipment in the field:
• Nuclear medicine
• Radiotherapy
• Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation
• Protection against Ionizing Radiation
• Quality control

• Transport of radioactive material (import, export and transit)
• Dosimetry measurements / radiological tests in the field of protection against ionizing radiation (measurements of ambient dose equivalent of ionizing radiation in the area of monitoring, as well as to determine the level of exposure to ionizing radiation of exposed personnel, patients and the population)
• Dosimetry measurements – accelerator commisioning
• Projecting and designing radiation safety and security measures
• Transport of radioactive material
• Installation, upgrade, and servicing of medical equipment in the field of nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, measuring equipment in the field of detection of ionizing radiation
• Laboratory services – KVARKLab
KVARK company provides services to its customers on the basis of state authority permits that owns, issued by the competent institution: Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety of Serbia, the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health, Department for Transport of Dangerous Goods and others. (All state permits are available within option DOWNLOAD)

Professional Staff

The total number of employees within the KVARK system is twenty. Largest number of employees are engineers of various profiles, then biochemists and laboratory technicians, pharmacists, economists and managers. Employees have different specific narrow specialization and training, in accordance with the business activities which they perform. They have the experience and professionalism and they are trained to conduct sophisticated technical projects in cooperation with foreign partners. Continuous staff training is compulsory aspect of monitoring trends and professional development and is one of the main missions of the Society. Each training also covered the obligations represented within the quality management system standard directives and regulations in these specific areas.

Professional equipment

Specific services KVARK is able to offer its customers, are conditioned by other than narrow professional staff and the holding of proper equipment.

KVARK possesses highly professional measuring equipment for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation, controlled by national accredited institutions for calibration; Personal protective equipment of the worldknown manufacturers; equipment for handling radioactive material and disposal of radioactive waste: the shipping containers, a special vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods, according to the rules that define the area of ionizing radiation.

In accordance with the rules of ADR, in addition to the above, KVARK owns Adviser for security in the transport of dangerous goods.



An important part of business life of KVARK is link with our foreign partners, among which the most prominent are:

• Iba Dosimetry
• Capintec Inc.
• EUROMEDICAL Instruments
• Bar Ray
• Iba Molecular
• Atomtex

(More on partners, you can find within the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS)